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Average Monthly ROI = 9.25%

20-21 Results Avg

Jan = 10.36%
Feb = 55.78%
Mar = 28.30%
Apr = 12.69%
May = 18.84%
June = 11.33%
July = 15.00%
Aug = 9.15%
Sept = 9.81%
Oct = 5.72%

Nov = -17.83%
Dec = -4.19%

2022 Results

Jan = 8.64%
Feb = 18.00%
Mar = 13.64%
Apr = 12.10%
May = 10.37%
June = 16.58%
July = 13.97%
Aug = 16.97%
Sept = 10.77%
Oct = 25.51%
Nov = 13.77%
Dec = 25.04%

2023 Results

Jan = -19.43%
Feb = -13.90%
Mar = -13.40%

Apr = 10.24%
May = 10.01%
June = 10.76%
July = 8.12%
August = 8.10%
September = 9.18%
October = 6.63%
November = 9.24%
December = 6.23%

2024 Results

Jan = 9.07%
Feb = 6.00%
Mar = 7.96%
Apr = 6.01%
May = 6.07%

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From The Desk Of Adam Koehlke
Dayton, OH
I love sports. But there are times that just watching action just isn't enough. Having cash on the line is the fastest, easiest way to get in on the action without the years of training needed to be on the field.

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